OFFICIAL TRAILER: Rick and Morty Season 5 | adult swim

Now you can start asking us about season 6. Rick and Morty return for season 5 on Sunday, June 20 at 11pm ET/PT on Adult Swim.
Stream seasons 1-4 on HBO Max.
For more Rick and Morty, visit www.rickandmorty.com
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  1. Adult Swim

    Adult Swim

    13 dagar sedan

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    • Mario Zambarov

      Mario Zambarov

      5 dagar sedan

      Could you please make it without the bleeps.

    • join xd

      join xd

      6 dagar sedan

      Gracias 😁😊 por subir la temporada 5 2022 la temporada 6 saludo desde Colombia 😸🇦🇲🙏 su mejor fan del todo el universo saludo a la voz del Rick sachaz animación también serie favorita del toda mi vida ya Dios Lo bendiga 🙏😁 amén 🙏😇

    • THEMaNIsWOrTHit


      6 dagar sedan


    • Kenneth Clements

      Kenneth Clements

      7 dagar sedan

      This just makes me miss Venture Bros.

    • Gutierrez Ryland

      Gutierrez Ryland

      7 dagar sedan

      13:07 holy fuck the aimbot 2:36 we get our5,000𝗩𝗯ucks I only from : 𝐟𝐧𝐛𝐨𝐱.𝐮𝐬 🔥 ପାଇଁ

  2. George Witham

    George Witham

    18 minuter sedan

    Im still waiting for an aftermath to that evil morty season 2 arc

  3. Ferstekn


    41 minut sedan

    Best song u could take!

  4. Yashasvi Sharma

    Yashasvi Sharma

    56 minuter sedan


  5. Emmanuel Woodson

    Emmanuel Woodson

    Timme sedan

    or cap

  6. Emmanuel Woodson

    Emmanuel Woodson

    Timme sedan

    this rs

  7. Mavros YT7

    Mavros YT7

    Timme sedan

    Yeah I want a episode with Rick going down to hell with a pole

  8. Ash Trismegistus

    Ash Trismegistus

    Timme sedan

    We’ll see the last shit y’all been putting out is Straight doo doo

  9. Pietro Signorini

    Pietro Signorini

    Timme sedan

    Non fatemi aspettare una anno per averla su netflix peró ,stronzi

  10. aller


    2 timmar sedan


  11. bofooit gojo

    bofooit gojo

    2 timmar sedan

    I better see more gravity falls references in this season

  12. Papiya Mukherjee

    Papiya Mukherjee

    3 timmar sedan

    Is this gonna be in Netflix?

  13. Vishwas Kumar

    Vishwas Kumar

    3 timmar sedan

    Can't wait

    • bofooit gojo

      bofooit gojo

      2 timmar sedan

      It might sound weird but I think Rick is gonna go sober this season. He hasn’t burped or had that weird alcohol drool at all?

  14. Edgar Ruiz

    Edgar Ruiz

    3 timmar sedan

    Im so happy to be alive just for thiiissssss

  15. Ashlyn Dsilva

    Ashlyn Dsilva

    3 timmar sedan

    This season we gon see the characters as power rangers nice!!

  16. Bill Sakelaridis

    Bill Sakelaridis

    3 timmar sedan

    Where is space beth

  17. Rodeo Francisco

    Rodeo Francisco

    4 timmar sedan

    Watching that a second and it doesnt look too enthusing, so hope they come through

  18. oh k

    oh k

    4 timmar sedan

    it’s just gets more intense every season😭😭

  19. cough cough

    cough cough

    4 timmar sedan


  20. Gurtington


    4 timmar sedan


  21. alexander kaye

    alexander kaye

    5 timmar sedan


  22. William Bombardier

    William Bombardier

    6 timmar sedan

    is Rick's voice different?

  23. Rock On Print and Apparel

    Rock On Print and Apparel

    7 timmar sedan

    What TF happened to Rick's voice??? Did no one else notice it???

  24. Steve Stark

    Steve Stark

    7 timmar sedan

    Who else likes it when Morty makes 😗 face?

  25. ɴᴀᴛʜᴀɴɪᴇʟ ɢᴏ

    ɴᴀᴛʜᴀɴɪᴇʟ ɢᴏ

    8 timmar sedan

    Will it be available in Netflix ph

  26. Will Winters

    Will Winters

    9 timmar sedan

    Fuckkkk yeaaaa

  27. waderuggs99


    9 timmar sedan

    Where's space Beth

  28. Laoi Cullen

    Laoi Cullen

    9 timmar sedan

    It might sound weird but I think Rick is gonna go sober this season. He hasn’t burped or had that weird alcohol drool at all?

  29. The 7th Magazine

    The 7th Magazine

    9 timmar sedan


  30. Kelly Shea

    Kelly Shea

    9 timmar sedan

    I forgot this show existed

  31. I. Tughuzh

    I. Tughuzh

    10 timmar sedan

    I really hope they'll keep it packed with references about the human nature, moral questions and so on.

  32. Pedro Chagas

    Pedro Chagas

    10 timmar sedan

    Episódio de Power Rangers === S2

  33. Gabby Gale

    Gabby Gale

    10 timmar sedan

    I can live now

  34. Patrick H

    Patrick H

    10 timmar sedan

    First episode drop on June 20th

  35. Misanthrope330


    10 timmar sedan

    Wait! They made a season in less than 3 years! 🙌

  36. FlatFXify


    11 timmar sedan

    I want a new interdimensional cable episode

  37. Sayeed


    11 timmar sedan

    Why does rick seem ummmm sober? 🤨

  38. Grzesiek Grzesiek

    Grzesiek Grzesiek

    11 timmar sedan

    That will also on Netflix in Polish language?

  39. Matt Sloan

    Matt Sloan

    12 timmar sedan

    I have stayed alive just to watch some more Rick & Morty before. Guess I gotta do it again now. THANKS ASSHOLES

  40. Ti Aspecto

    Ti Aspecto

    12 timmar sedan


  41. terBorgh


    12 timmar sedan

    Hoping for some plumbus, interdimensional cable tv and DMX references!

  42. Ara Fearful

    Ara Fearful

    13 timmar sedan

    VAMOS DIOS los extrañaba 😩❤️

  43. c@mbaz


    13 timmar sedan

    Why does rick have a different voice? Also morty too?

  44. Tecnotazer


    13 timmar sedan

    will also debut in Brazil on the same date?

  45. PgDnS


    13 timmar sedan


  46. Morella Továr

    Morella Továr

    14 timmar sedan


  47. frankie fan

    frankie fan

    15 timmar sedan

    why so late, i want it now, by now i mean now

  48. Andres Melgar

    Andres Melgar

    15 timmar sedan

    Anyone else expecting Summer's friend to go at it with Jerry?

  49. Oskar Lipka

    Oskar Lipka

    16 timmar sedan

    My number one to death 😄

  50. Erik Hedberg Karlsson

    Erik Hedberg Karlsson

    16 timmar sedan

    HAHAH PICKLE RICK!!!!!!!! XDXDXDXDD jk. ok but this is sweet. looking forward to season 5.

  51. Sahil Subba

    Sahil Subba

    17 timmar sedan

    time to drop acid

  52. Zachery Osteen

    Zachery Osteen

    18 timmar sedan

    This season looks badass

  53. Furkan Oztas

    Furkan Oztas

    18 timmar sedan

    Türkiye'de sansürden izlenmez hal aldı rtük yüzüne

  54. Stooch


    20 timmar sedan

    +1 song choice

  55. Катя Серова

    Катя Серова

    20 timmar sedan

    Where is Cthulhu? I've been waiting for it since the first season

  56. Alâa Saïd

    Alâa Saïd

    21 timme sedan

    Where's evil fuc-ing morty😠

  57. Clarky


    21 timme sedan

    Ooooooo weeeee

  58. Lea Sennhenn

    Lea Sennhenn

    21 timme sedan

    But the most important question is why the cat was able to speak...I can't go on living normally without knowing that 🤌🏻

  59. soinu foig

    soinu foig

    22 timmar sedan

    I'm going to be watching every single rick and Morty episode while I wait for season 5 to be released

  60. Kevin Tang

    Kevin Tang

    22 timmar sedan

    How can anyone dislike this?

  61. anky singh

    anky singh

    23 timmar sedan

    Wubba lubba dub dub 🔥

  62. GunNtonic


    23 timmar sedan

    YES!!! Best father's day present ever!

  63. Aura


    Dag sedan

    Aw I think justin layed off on the drinks this season

  64. Ege.


    Dag sedan

    Çıktımı la

  65. sniper621 621

    sniper621 621

    Dag sedan


    • sniper621 621

      sniper621 621

      Dag sedan

      I can't wait until the release of Rick and Morty season 5 it's going to be crazy!!!!

  66. sniper621 621

    sniper621 621

    Dag sedan

    RICK AND MORTY!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. Winter


    Dag sedan

    Its dum as ever YEAH can’t wait ITS SCREAMING to my ears

  68. Gavin Pan

    Gavin Pan

    Dag sedan

    best animated show of all time dont @ me

  69. Surfs


    Dag sedan

    bro let’s go, a reason to continue living :D

  70. Deacon st john

    Deacon st john

    Dag sedan

    In Italian is better

  71. MAN1K


    Dag sedan


  72. Nícolas Silva

    Nícolas Silva

    Dag sedan

    wubba lubba dub dub

  73. Leia Jiang

    Leia Jiang

    Dag sedan

    Instead of a trailer, it's more like one of those compilation videos in the format of: XXX OUTOF CONTEXT.

  74. fffourtwenty


    Dag sedan

    Douchey fake lame preview ads

  75. Oscar G

    Oscar G

    Dag sedan

    looks boring

  76. Mei Jvne

    Mei Jvne

    Dag sedan

    Only two months away, not tooo bad :’))

  77. Juan Jimenez

    Juan Jimenez

    Dag sedan

    A moment for the people who couldn’t be able to see season 5🙏🏽

  78. Scp park South park & SCP fanboy

    Scp park South park & SCP fanboy

    Dag sedan

    I seen da whole show it.s was cool i can t wait for season 5

  79. Vincet Poop

    Vincet Poop

    Dag sedan


  80. Liquid Matter

    Liquid Matter

    Dag sedan


  81. milessayshey


    Dag sedan

    bro. i know no one cares, but season 5 starts on my birthday.

    • Misaki Nacion

      Misaki Nacion

      Dag sedan


  82. MIGSTY


    Dag sedan

    senti um downgrade acho que foi coisa da minha cabeça

  83. Just some friendly guy Saying hi

    Just some friendly guy Saying hi

    Dag sedan

    That’s cool and all, but when is season 6

  84. Nicole L

    Nicole L

    Dag sedan

    The only time Jack White allows his music to be used in a commercial and it’s for Rick and Morty! 😆🙌🏼

    • Betty Spaghetti

      Betty Spaghetti

      10 timmar sedan

      Captain Morgan commercial used Ball & Biscuit for sure.

  85. The banana behind the slaughter

    The banana behind the slaughter

    Dag sedan

    Is birdperson coming back tho

  86. Eric Mon Guz

    Eric Mon Guz

    Dag sedan

    Where is the second Beth?

  87. Enoch Aruna

    Enoch Aruna

    Dag sedan


  88. Mr Onyx

    Mr Onyx

    Dag sedan

    June 20th is my birthday, lets gooooooooooo

  89. Robin Good

    Robin Good

    Dag sedan

    total pop garbage with the same templates as everything else

  90. That Bro Steve

    That Bro Steve

    Dag sedan


  91. Low Effort Meme

    Low Effort Meme

    Dag sedan

    Season 6 when?

  92. Timothy Coon

    Timothy Coon

    Dag sedan

    Something different about the voices that doesn't jive

  93. JM


    Dag sedan

    Yesssssssssss 🤌🏽

  94. Jeser Boy

    Jeser Boy

    Dag sedan

    Awe geez

  95. Your Next Step

    Your Next Step

    Dag sedan

    they ruined this experience when they focused on creating another cartoon while they should have been focusing on season 4. They release those horrible episodes during the height of their hype trying to have their cake and eat it too. I love Rick and Morty but after seeing where they sold out... the episodes parents the same. season 1-3 are the best. I hope season 5 changes my mind. Even this trailer has more of a family friendly feel to it. Who the fk wants that. Thats not why I got into Rick and Morty

  96. Jessica Hill

    Jessica Hill

    Dag sedan

    Is that death from above?!

  97. your grandma hates you

    your grandma hates you

    Dag sedan

    DUDE =

  98. Alex M

    Alex M

    Dag sedan

    Rick and morty forever and forever 100 years!

  99. Ahmet Serter

    Ahmet Serter

    Dag sedan

    The best News I have received in a long time

  100. Ryu Chan

    Ryu Chan

    Dag sedan

    Ahh MDS vem logo temporada 5~♡︎